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As a senior, health is your number one priority. You have the ability to enhance your health by including these habits into your everyday routine.

First, consume more protein in your diet. Protein will supply you with the extra energy you may need to tackle the day. Protein will also enhance your muscle strength.   

Second, stretch in the morning. Stretching will prepare your muscles and bones for the activities you will endure throughout the day. Stretching decreases the possibilities of cramps and soreness that could occur when moving.

As a senior, bones are more susceptible to losing calcium. Therefore, you will become slower. Stretching will boost the elasticity in your muscles and joints.

Third, do simple exercises. Exercising is important, especially for seniors. Exercising has many positive outcomes. It can reduce the probability of falling, increase immune function, reduces blood pressure, and much more.

Simple exercises like leg lifts, or walking can actually increase serotonin levels. As a result, you will be more likely to have a positive attitude. Basic and simple exercises can be performed even for seniors with limited mobility.  

Fourth, drink water. Seniors are more susceptible to get dehydrated. Drinking water decreases dizziness and weakness. Drinking water can enhance chronic health problems like diabetes and high blood pressure. It may not make the health problems disappear for good, but drinking water can enhance the experience.

Fifth, always have a buddy. Being alone when you are a senior is discouraged. Seniors have a high possibility of falling, therefore you always want to have someone around you just in case of an incident. A buddy can be a friend, family member, or caregiver who would be there to keep you great company. 

Sixth, talk with your doctor. They will always be there to help you. Your doctor will provide you with great recommendations to boost your health. 

Lastly, seek a professional about Medicare. If you are 65 and older, Medicare should be on your agenda. Talking with a professional can help you understand healthcare and prepare for your future.

You will be singing Frank Sinatra’s song “You Make Me Feel So Young” while frolicking with happiness when you acquire these healthy habits to your everyday lifestyle.