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Anthony Williams

What I enjoy most about my job is hearing people’s stories, so here’s mine. This September marks 10 years as an insurance agent with BGA Insurance group. Before my career in insurance I graduated from Rutgers University and worked several different jobs including selling sports tickets, municipal bonds and cell phones. At the time working for a major cellular carrier was okay but I was looking for something more, I just didn’t know what that was.

My wife Alyssa and I went to a Phillies game with friends where I met Anthony Minetola, an agent and now branch manager with BGA. We talked about the job and how BGA was opening a branch in New Jersey. I knew my skills of communicating with others and being self motivated could serve me well so I jumped on the opportunity and my career in insurance began.

By meeting with thousands of seniors I quickly learned that the overwhelming majority of people turning 65 know almost nothing about Medicare and many people are underprepared for retirement. One of the more concerning retirement facts, as per a recent survey by Bankrate, is that over half of Americans are contributing the same amount or less to their retirement funds compared to the previous year. Specifically, 35% said they were “significantly behind” on their savings, whereas the other 20% felt they were only “somewhat behind.”

I could list more alarming statistics about health care or prescription cost but the bottom line is most people don’t have the information they need to make an educated decision on their health insurance and retirement planning. Retirement should be a happy time in someone’s life. Days filled with leisure and grandkids not worrying about Doctors bills.

When I leave a clients home they are well educated on all the financial realities of retirement and I’m often able to save them hundreds of dollars a year on their insurance. An extra hour on the beach instead of on hold with the insurance company and a thousand dollars for vacation instead of insurance premiums is what I do for my clients.

I was recently told by a client that having the proper health insurance saved their life! This and other stories of how I positively impacted someone’s life just by getting them the correct information they need is why I’m an insurance agent.