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How can it not be? A watch that detects if you have taken a fall or better yet, detects atrial fibrillation, because the watch also has features electrocardiogram to measure your heart’s rhythm.

If you noticed over the last couple of years especially if you have visited a gym you have seen a lot of folks walking around with small monitor units wrapped around their wrists. Most of these units are called fit-bits.

These little wrist units are no bigger than a watch, and they monitor your heart rate, how many steps you’ve taken in a day etc.

Apple has now taken it one step further to include safety measures with the emphasis geared towards the senior market age 65 and over.

apple watch from medicare

Can you imagine how many lives this technology could save? How many stories have we read where a senior has fallen and couldn’t get up for days, or worse, passed away because they didn’t receive assistance promptly?

Think of the time this device can save you if start experiencing heart rhythm disorders and go into A-Fib. Doctors always say minutes count when dealing with a heart patient.

Right now, Aetna who is a major insurance carrier is on board with Apple to iron out a deal with regards to their Medicare Advantage plans. The watch may be a little pricey for some, but pricing is the main-focus that is being worked out right now.

Aetna and a few other carriers are trying to put a plan together to offer these Apple watches at a discount for all their Medicare members. They are trying to find a way to subsidize the cost for the Medicare recipient.

Insurance carriers such as Aetna realize they also save money if they help keep you healthier and aware.

For those of you Medicare recipients who already have an Advantage plan you’ll notice most plans have a Silver Sneakers benefit or something like it where the insurance carrier will pay your gym membership.

More and more extra benefits have been added to plans such as medical nutrition therapy, diabetes prevention programs, tobacco cessation programs, 24-hour nurse hotlines etc.

BGA Insurance Group is 100% on board with technology and adding technology into the Medicare world.

As a BGA agent, about 40% of my client base are Medicare Advantage plan clients, but that number is increasing every year due to the added benefits and Wellness programs designed for seniors and their health.

If you are already a client of mine, you may have noticed that you receive emails from time to time wishing you a happy birthday or reminding you about the up-coming Annual Enrollment Period.

BGA has taken another step in this changing world of technology, we can now send you a private message to your personal cell phone keeping you up to date with any new changes regarding Medicare.

Your phone doesn’t even ring or chime to disturb you, my message goes right to your voice mail. Some of you have already received some messages from me.

So, you see, BGA Insurance Group has already bought into technology to keep our own clients informed and we will keep evolving with it.

Aetna is showing themselves as innovators in trying to keep their member base more in tune with their long-term healthcare goals in conjunction with this fascinating technology. Can you imagine what’s next?

If you fall or have a heart attack the Apple watch notifies an ambulance for you? The possibilities are endless now that we’ve entered in this type of technology.

We can go on and on with ideas to add but it looks like it’s already on the way.