Bernice McFadden

Bernice Mcfadden

Bernice McFadden is a local (to the Tri-State area), health insurance broker with BGA Insurance.  Bernice’s mission is to assist Seniors and their families plan their Healthcare, Final Expenses and Financial Security when approaching and during retirement.  She is passionate and committed to helping her clients. 

As a Broker, Bernice offers unbiased expertise in the field of Medicare, and is affiliated with only the highest rated insurance carriers.

Bernice is licensed in PA, NJ and Florida, and is affiliated with BGA Insurance; she has been named Top Agent of the Year for 2015 and 2016.   Bernice is a speaker at many Seminar and Retiree Conferences throughout the region. She works as a consultant with local businesses helping their retirees transition onto Medicare.

Bernice is a graduate of Penn State, and currently resides in North Wales with her husband and sons.

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