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Coolief & Medicare

The following is not medical advice. Always talk to your doctor about using a certain treatment.

If you are experiencing chronic pain and you don’t quite know how to get rid of it, then you may not to seek alternative treatments.

Your options include surgery and opioids. However, surgery might be a scary step to take and opioids might not work. Does that mean it’s over and you have to endure this pain even longer? Not quite, because Coolief is a procedure meant to alleviate chronic pain.

What is Chronic Pain and How Does it Affect Us?

For those that may not now, chronic pain is something entirely different from ordinary pain. That’s because regular pain disappears after the affection has been healed. However, chronic pain may last longer than the recovery and we are talking about at least three months of suffering.

The doctor’s opinion is that chronic pain can last between 3 months up to 6 months, in some cases even longer.

Of course, having to endure pain on a daily basis will make you tired, unable to focus properly and, overall, your potential will be greatly decreased.

What is Coolief and How Can it Help?

As opposed to surgery, Coolief is a way of treating you without any cutting being performed on your body. This is a minimally invasive treatment and it works by targeting the nerves responsible for your pain. Also, this physical therapy option has been approved by the FDA for relieving knee pain that comes with osteoarthritis.

Coolief works by making those pain-responsible nerves inactive through radio-frequency ablation. It has been proven that Coolief works as there are many testimonials that speak of its many benefits, however always talk to your doctor about whether or not this is right for you.

How Can You Pay for Coolief?

We finally get to this question. Medical procedures can be costly, so we understand that you want to know how you can pay for Coolief treatment. When it comes to your insurance, it usually requires some research.

It may be possible to access Coolief treatment through Medicare or other private payers. In order to make sure that you can access this option, it is highly important that your physician checks with the health insurance provider and confirms the covered procedure.

There are cases in which the procedure is denied due to paperwork delays or mistakes. So, it is of great importance to work closely with your doctor and put all the documents in order.

Coolief is a new name in the industry and it has already helped a lot of people by alleviating pain. Speak with your doctor before the procedure, and if you decide to move forward, check with your BGA Insurance Group agent to determine if it will be covered by your Medicare plan.

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