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What exactly does buying health insurance mean and how can someone buy health insurance? If you want to find the answers to these questions, then you’ve come to the right place. In the next paragraphs, we will try to explain, as simple as we can, how to buy health insurance.

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The Purchase of the Year

If other people prepare for Christmas by buying presents for their beloved ones, individuals in the USA prepare for Christmas by buying health insurance plans for themselves.

When others compare websites to find out the best location and best prices for their dream holidays, Americans scout the websites comparing several insurance options available for the large public in need of medical care. And who can blame them?

No one wants to risk living uncovered and having to pay an arm and a leg for medical interventions later in life.

Entitled no Matter What

Before the reform in the health care system, insurance companies were able to deny your request for a health care plan or overcharge you for one based on your medical record history.

To put it easily, if you have had a record for certain diseases or you were sick, they would know that you will use the “benefits” of the health insurance. Thus, they would have to pay more for you. As a result, you could have been denied access to such “privilege”.

But not anymore – thanks to Obamacare, which is still available in our present days, you are qualified to request and buy a health care plan, no matter your medical “background” or current situation.

Even more, individual health care plans are due to provide you with at least a set of ten benefits, such as laboratory tests, hospitalization, pregnancy as well as maternity care, emergency room services, and others.

Types of Health Insurance Plans

Just like with everything else, health insurance plans can vary in types and costs. You have two big categories to start with: a family-based plan or an individual health insurance plan.

And just like the names suggests, the family one is designed to satisfy the needs of a family whereas the individual one is addressed to one person only.

If you want an individual health insurance plan, you need to know that there is a limited amount of time during the year when you can apply for one and it varies from the beginning of November and until the middle of December, hence the Christmas reference in the beginning.

You can get some exemptions from the rule if you have a life event that is qualifying for that such as getting married, moving, having a baby, becoming a USA citizen and others.

Ready to shop now? You can get a health insurance plan the old way by going to an insurance company, contacting an agent, on the state’s marketplace or by going online or calling.

All in all, no matter the purchase method or the type of policy, you should keep in mind that buying a health insurance plan is a must.

Under 65 & Need Help Selecting Health Insurance?

Call Now: (844) 556-1677