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This is a shout out to all Human Resource departments who assist their retirees with advice concerning Medicare. BGA Insurance Group is here to help. 

First, as a broker I can appreciate HR departments trying help their retirees by offering Medicare solutions. However, it is a very difficult task to carry out if you don’t keep yourself updated on the annual Medicare changes that hit every October.

As a broker that is exactly part of our continuous education, so we don’t make the mistake of pointing a retiree in the wrong direction that could cost them hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year.

The state requires all licensed agents that every two years we take 24 hours in study credits to continue our education and therefore keep our licenses in-force. There is no way around this process if we desire to hold an insurance license.

On an annual basis all agents are required to pass the AHIP exam and pass all the carrier exams if we want to sell their products on a yearly basis. Basically, what I am explaining is to keep up on all the changes in Medicare that occur every year it is worth the time to work with a licensed broker to assist you in making the best choice possible. 

BGA Insurance Group has been working with numerous human resource departments the past few years to help point their retirees in the right direction. These HR departments have reached out to us because they realize they have other duties pertaining to the employers they work for and quite frankly do not have the extra time to keep educated with the numerous changes in Medicare that occurs on an annual basis.

One example is a nice lady who heads the HR department for a very large Philadelphia business who for years were pointing her retirees in the direction of a certain Medigap company but actually charged the highest premiums for their Plan F.

I assisted one of the retirees because they reached out to me on their own and was able to show them the same Plan F for about $65 less a month than the plan recommended by the HR department. $65 a month is a very large savings for a retiree. In some cases, we were able to save Medicare recipients over a $100 a month. It all depends on some variable factors that most HR departments are not equipped to handle.

This doesn’t mean the HR employee was doing something wrong or pointing her retirees in the wrong direction, she was doing the best she could for her retirees with what limited information she had. In fact, Plan F is a great plan to recommend, but as insurance brokers we are knowledgeable to know what all the carriers charge for their premiums because we are required to do so. 

Last year I had another HR director reach out to me because her retirees had numerous questions every year about their Part D drug plans and what to expect every January. She couldn’t keep up with the changes because every year these carriers change their co-pays, deductibles, formularies etc. and she felt overwhelmed she couldn’t give her retirees the proper advice.

It was comforting for her to know that all BGA insurance agents review this coverage with their clients on an annual basis free of charge. 

Free service. Let’s talk about that. BGA Insurance Group provides this service free to all Human Resource departments. This is a big relief for HR employees, they now can refer us as a valuable resource because it does not cost them anything and it does not cost the retiree anything.

BGA insurance agents get compensated by the insurance carriers. If you sit down with a BGA broker we will explain how Medicare works for you, explain your rights and entitlements, and assist you in finding the right coverage for you. If you choose to work with us that’s great for you because we don’t charge you a fee.  If you choose not to work with us, no problem, there is still no fee charged and you just received a free education in Medicare. Our services are free to you and free to all Human Resource departments.

You no longer have the burden of trying to keep up with Medicare changes or carry the stress pointing your retirees in the right direction or the wrong direction that could cost them extra money. 

If you head a Human Resource department feel free to reach out to Joe or Greg and will be glad to visit you and in 10 minutes explain our valuable service to you. 

Example HR Retiree Brochure

Click below to view an example brochure that you can hand to your retirees that has some educational information about Medicare, along with contact information for a local and licensed insurance agent.

HR Retirement plan brochure









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Joe Bachmeier is a co-founder of BGA Insurance Group