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Summer, Fall, Winter…don’t forget Medicare Season!!!

It comes every year just as the color of the leaves start changing the Medicare Annual Election Period. On October 1st, insurance carriers can finally show you what they are going to have available for you for the new Year.  Then on October 15th the countdown begins. You have seven weeks to decide what you are doing for 2019 because at 11:59 on the night of December 7th I hope your choice is made or you are LOCKED IN!!!

Ok, that sounds like a bad Halloween movie with countdowns and all capital letters.  However there does need to be some urgency on your part when it comes to this time of year.  The government only gives you seven weeks each year to decide if the plan you have is the one you want to keep for the entire next year.  

Thankfully here in Southern New Jersey you don’t have any plans just going away like we have experienced in the past. No one is being kicked off forced to find new coverage.  However we have a much different situation here. We have more plans than we know what to do with and that can be confusing.

Humana & Aetna – New Medicare Plans for 2019

In the last few years Aetna has been really the only game in town.  You either had their PPO or their Prime PPO. Not many choices. This year you have a lot. Aetna has more plans available than this year. Humana, who until now has not had a Medicare Advantage plan in this area before, has finally come into New Jersey. 

They did not just come into NJ but they came in with a number of new plans. Between the companies there are plans that range from $0 per month and go up from there.  Some of the plans even give you money back to pay your Medicare Part B premium!

So the problem now is what do you do?  How do you choose? Well I can tell you this, don’t go at it alone.  Contact an agent at BGA Insurance Group today and let us walk you through the different plans available in your area.  

See which one fits you best. Remember, you only get one shot at this so have a professional by your side when you are making choices.  Remember we don’t charge a fee for our services because we are paid directly by the Insurance Companies.

If you think your plans was fine in 2019 and want to stick with it for 2019 that is fine.  However make sure your plans still fits you. Did the benefits change? Is your doctor still in network?  Are all of your prescriptions covered? Every year networks change; formularies change; plans change.

Check and make sure your plan is giving you the benefits you need and that the price is still the best one for you.  Call as now so we can give you a quick review and you can feel confident going into 2019.

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