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URGENT! Virtua Health System may no longer be available to seniors in NJ with Aetna Medicare!

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My name is James Coon, and you can contact me any time during the year to discuss your Medicare, healthcare, and retirement options.

The AEP runs from October 15 to December 7 each year. If you didn’t sign up for one of these plans when you first became eligible for Medicare (during your Initial Enrollment Period), the AEP is generally your chance to make these changes, unless you qualify for a Special Election Period (SEP).

Here are the types of changes you can make that I’d be happy to assist you with:

  • Change to a Medicare Advantage plan from Original Medicare, Part A and Part B
  • Change from a Medicare Advantage plan to Original Medicare, Part A and Part B
  • Change from one Medicare Advantage plan to another (regardless of whether either plan offers drug coverage)
  • Enroll in a Part D prescription drug plan
  • Change from one Medicare prescription drug plan to another
  • Opt out of Medicare prescription drug coverage completely

I am a licensed insurance agent in your area. If you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with me to discuss your current plan, please fill out the form below or call me direct. We may be able to save you money based on your current situation!

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More About Me


Our children, James & Ben

James Coon has been with BGA Insurance Group since its inception in June of 2008.  Jim was born and raised in Levittown, Pennsylvania and currently resides in Fallsington, Pennsylvania. 

Jim has two kids, James and Ben, with his wife Christy.  Jim started in this industry because he wanted to help seniors get a better understanding of how Medicare works, so they can make an educated decision for their insurance needs.  He is a sales manager at BGA, working with agents to help build their careers. 

Jim also takes pride in working with seniors and helping them to understand Medicare. Selecting a Medicare Plan can be a difficult and confusing process. 

Choosing the wrong plan can potentially cost some seniors thousands of dollars each year.  At BGA Insurance Group we have a complete understanding of Medicare along with Supplemental, Advantage and Part D plans.  Each year we take courses to keep up with the ever changing insurance markets so we can always help you stay up-to-date on any changes that may affect you and your family. 

We can guide you through the Medicare maze in an easy to understand way that allows you to feel confident to make the necessary decisions.  We break down Medicare using a presentation that will have you understanding Medicare in 15 minutes. 

We will also show you how we will help you get the best Part D prescription drug plan at the lowest prices for you every year.  The greatest advantage of using a broker such as myself is that you gain access to multiple carriers and plans, and you never a pay a dime for any of our services, they are always free. 

We represent 30 insurance companies in the NJ, PA, DE and FL markets. Representing so many companies allows us to offer an unbiased solution to your personal situation.   We at BGA Insurance Group also offer complete retirement planning through products like final expense, short and long term care and fixed investments.

James and his wife, Christy