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The Dog Days of Summer – A Good Opportunity to Review Your Retirement Plan

Yes, it’s hot out there, people are laying by the pool sipping cold cocktails, everyone is taking their vacations, others are spending time at the shore and a lot of people don’t want to be bothered talking insurance or retirement planning in general.

But not your BGA Insurance agent, we are still here servicing our clients, meeting people who are retiring, talking Medicare, transferring 401Ks into fixed annuities, reviewing life insurance options etc.

For example, about five years ago we placed hundreds of our clients with Central States Indemnity (CSI) medigap plans. Great company who had great rates at the time, but just like any other carrier over time their rates have increased.

This is a good time as any to catch your BGA agent to see if you qualify for a lower rate for your plan. It’s always worth a conversation to see if you qualify to save yourself some money.

I always tell my clients that just because company A has the best rates today, doesn’t mean I can’t offer you company B a few years from now to get you a better rate. CSI, Cigna, Aetna, Mutual, etc., we carry them all and that is one of the reasons you chose me as your broker. Use my services, that’s what we’re here for.

Are you happy with the performance of your IRA? Can you improve it? Do you wish your fixed account earned more? Do you hate your CD down at the bank because you don’t have access to your money? Are you retiring and worried about where to transfer your 401K? Your BGA agent is here waiting to help you.

As a matter of fact I’m sure you remember our initial meeting, where I mentioned that I could help you protect your assets, but at the time you were more concerned about Medicare. Your BGA agent is not just your Medicare person, we assist in complete retirement planning.

We specialize in the senior market therefore we have clients who pass on from time to time. It’s a very difficult time for their loved ones. Sometimes our clients never purchased a final expense plan and that burden falls on the surviving family members and as their agent it’s very difficult to witness.

Final expense plans are not expensive and you can have the coverage in place as I walk out your door and it only takes about 15 minutes to go over everything.

Most of you know someone or know someone who knows someone who passed away from cancer. I think the current statistic is 1 out of 4 of us will be stricken with the disease at some point in our lives. That’s an alarming rate and number of people. Some of you have Medicare Advantage plans that covers only 80% of chemo or radiation specialty drugs.

That’s 20% that you need to pay is astronomical and in most cases and could wipe you out financially. It’s a real shame when we witness that, but we can help.

As your BGA agent I ask you to inquire about our Cancer, Heart attack and Stroke plan. A great indemnity plan that cost only a few dollars a month but provides you with the protection you need. We know that most of you have an inexpensive Advantage plan, for another $15 to $50 a month why not supplement your needs?

Its only July now, but guess what? October will be here before you know it. Get ready to email your agent your current scripts because during the Annual Enrollment Period (Oct.15th-December 7th) you are allowed to change your PDP plan regardless of health.

That plan I recommended for you for 2017 may not be the best plan for you in 2019. And guess what? Your BGA agent will review the options for you as a free service. It will cost you nothing for us to review the plans and save you money.

As I mentioned earlier I know your retirement planning may not be on your mind during the summer months but we are still working through it to assist you. I also want to take this time to thank all those clients out there who refer their friends to us, we really appreciate your word of mouth.

I know every BGA agent will always be patient and treat them with the same respect they treated you with.

Please drink a cold one for me!

joe bachmeier

Joe Bachmeier is a co-founder of BGA Insurance Group

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