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medicare annual enrollment

October is upon us! And the season is here for those of you who need to make changes, and BGA Insurance Group is here waiting for you. Remember that Annual Enrollment runs from October 15th through December 7th, 2020.

As our current BGA clients know it’s that time of year to review your PDP costs for 2021. BGA has thousands of clients who are enrolled in independent prescription plans that need to be reviewed, and we leave no customer behind. Make sure you contact your agent because what was good for you in 2017 may not be best for you in 2021. It’s all about being cost-effective, and you may, in fact, save yourself a lot of money.

As most of you know if you have a Medigap plan you can change to another Medigap plan at any time throughout the year. But since we are already reviewing your PDP plan it’s a good idea to ask if you are still competitive regarding your supplement costs. Keep in mind, although you’re allowed to change your Medigap plan you will still be underwritten when applying for a new plan, and of course, underwriting does not apply to Medicare Advantage clients.

Some great news I want to share with everyone regarding BGA Insurance Group. We are now doing live webinars! That means you can view our Medicare presentation online in the privacy of your own home. This is a great tool if you also have a group of friends who want to get together and learn what your entitlements are.

The system BGA uses is very senior friendly, and we are there online with you to answer all your questions and address your concerns. We have had a lot of positive feedback from people who have already taken advantage of this new feature.

Some folks always ask me about the state of Delaware and how it is different from Pennsylvania. As far as Medigap is concerned, we use mostly the same companies. I know Aetna, Cigna, Trans are major players in Delaware among a few others. When it comes to Medicare Advantage, the plans and companies differ greatly but usually cover the same benefits but differ in costs.

If you live in the state of Delaware make sure to contact BGA for pricing and enrollment information.

I know a lot of BGA clients go out of their way to refer their family members and friends to work with us. We thank you! As you know the BGA agent is very patient and prides themselves as a knowledgeable resource when it comes to Medicare and retirement planning.  We guarantee that we will always work within your parameters of your budget and your health care concerns.

We know there are a lot of confused people who find it difficult understanding Medicare, so I ask you to keep referring your family and friends to us. They will always thank you for it.

If you are reading this blog, you already know where to find us, and you can read past blogs that are posted under our “advice” section. I also want to add that you may want to check us out on where we have some informative videos posted and will continue to post new information on a regular basis throughout the year. Please feel free to give us a thumbs up and add a comment or two and let us know what other information you would like us to cover.

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I also want to add that we are also updating our BGA website site under our “team” section. We are updating that section so everyone on our team will have their landing page when you click on their picture. Each agent will also have their Medicareful link that you can enroll yourself on any of our Medicare Advantage plans we offer just by clicking the link on the plan of your choice.

You will also have a few Part D prescription plans to choose from. Just make sure you speak to your BGA agent first so this way you choose the right plan for you.

I want to thank my business partner, management team and all our agents for a great ten years because without all of them there would be no BGA Insurance Group. I can’t wait what is in store for BGA Insurance Group for the next ten years, and we continue to strive for excellence and assist every senior out there.


Joe Bachmeier is a co-founder of BGA Insurance Group

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