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At this point, most seniors should have received their Annual Notice of Change (ANOC) from their insurance provider. It will detail anything that you should know about changes to your plan. If you have received these documents and are not sure how to proceed, we can certainly help you understand the implications and details.

How can BGA Insurance Group help seniors in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware? With our Medicare expertise of course! We are licensed to help seniors choose the right coverage for their needs.

In the following video, agent James Tomlinson talks about BGA Insurance Group and how we are able to provide service to seniors:

Video Transcript

Hello, my name is James Tomlinson and I am a broker with BGA Insurance Group. Before I get started I will give a brief description of our company. BGA Insurance Group was founded in 2008 by two agents with one goal: to assist seniors and their families with their retirement and financial planning. It has since grown to a brokerage of over 30 agents working out of three offices across New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

We offer a wide range of Health insurance, Life insurance, and Investment products. Today in this video I will be explaining exactly what it is we do at BGA Insurance Group and what we provide for our clients.

The first thing we do, is meet with our clients. While this world we live in is becoming more and more computerized, here at BGA we still believe in the benefits of a face to face meeting. We meet our clients at their home and sit down at their table to go over information in person.

This makes meeting easier on our clients and also allows us to get to know them and their needs a little better. Scheduling an appointment with us costs nothing. Here at BGA we don’t charge any brokerage or consultation fees. This way our clients don’t need to worry about having to pay for professional advice when it comes to their retirement.

At BGA we mostly specialize in health insurance for seniors which of course revolves around Medicare. For most seniors, getting onto Medicare can seem very overwhelming; this is where BGA comes in.

We take the time to sit down with our clients and go over the A, B, C’s and D of Medicare. Once they have a solid understanding of Medicare we can then take a look at the different options available to supplement their Medicare coverage.

When it comes to finding the right insurance plan to supplement Medicare, nothing is better than working with a broker. Brokers represent multiple insurance companies allowing clients to see all of their options instead of those from just one company.

Here at BGA we represent only the highest rated companies allowing us to provide options that are 100% suitable for our clients. We lay out all the options before our clients and help them narrow it down a plan that works best for them. This way we can give our clients the peace of mind knowing that they have the best available plan.

Not only are we there to explain Medicare and help our clients select a plan but we are there with them every step thereafter. We don’t just sign them up and disappear.

We remain a permanent resource for our clients to utilize. If in the event they have a problem with their plan or just have questions regarding insurance, our clients know we will always be there for them. In addition to that we also review our clients Medicare Advantage and standalone drug plans each year during the Annual Enrollment Period to make sure the plan they have is still the best plan for them.

Along with all we do for our clients in regard to their health care we also review different aspects of retirement with them as well. We review health products such as Dental and Vision Insurance, Hospital Indemnity Plans, Short Term and Long Term Care. We also review various different Life Insurance products and a few fixed investment products, so you don’t need to worry about market losses anymore.

With everything we provide for our clients at no cost to them, one would have to wonder why you haven’t picked up your phone and given us a call yet.

If you are retiring or are already retired you can reach us at our toll free number 855-494-0097, email us at