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Every day we rely on the knowledge and experience of experts to help us in our lives. We rely on mechanics to diagnose and repair that annoying whirling sound our car makes. We rely on meteorologists to forecast the weather so that we know how to dress for the day. We rely on pilots to safely get us to our destinations and home to our loved ones. The list is endless.

In the specialized world we live, we would find it difficult to get through each day without the help and expertise of others. Working hand in hand, aided by the knowledge and skills of one another, our society is able to function efficiently and happily.

When people are asked to name what is the most important thing in life, the majority will reply that one’s health is of paramount importance.

This sentiment was echoed by Mahatma Gandhi who proclaimed, “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” As such, we do much to stay healthy and in doing so again we rely on the knowledge and experience of experts to achieve this goal.

We rely on physicians to treat us when we are ill. We rely on dietitians to tell us what to eat. We rely on happy elderly couplephysical trainers to get our bodies in peak condition. Our health depends on the vast knowledge and information that has been collected over time by the hard work and diligence of others.

In maintaining our health it is often necessary to seek the help of modern medicine whether it is in the form of doctors, dentists, labs, imaging studies, hospitals, etc. Unfortunately, such help comes at a financial cost. Few would dispute the importance of a health insurance policy to help with these costs.

Without the proper health insurance policy one could be subject to high bills and financial burden. Given that a proper health insurance policy is necessary to maintain not only one’s physical health but also one’s financial health, it would be of utmost importance that one selects the proper health insurance policy.

Wouldn’t it help if again we could rely on the knowledge and experience of experts to help us select the proper insurance policy to protect our health and financial wellbeing? Where would one find such individuals? The answer is at BGA Insurance Group!

At BGA our agents use their knowledge and experience to help seniors select a health insurance policy that is right for them and will protect their health and assets as much as possible. We understand that both Medicare and supplemental coverage can be quite confusing and overwhelming. With all of the new terms and jargon that is used, health insurance often seems like a foreign language.

Our agents aim to help seniors understand Medicare coverage and the financial responsibilities it leaves to beneficiaries. We also help them understand the various types of coverage available to fill some of the voids left by Medicare including Advantage Plans and supplemental insurance.

Most things in life are not “one size fits all,” nor is health insurance. As such, our agents are actually insurance brokers who work with numerous insurance carriers to find a policy that fits the needs of our seniors. Our goal is to find the right insurance policy for our clients, not simply an insurance policy.

We use our experience and knowledge to match our seniors with a policy that meets their health care needs and is mindful of their budget.

The article chronicles the difficulty encountered by a senior who was new to Medicare. This senior had been automatically enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan by the carrier with whom she had individual coverage prior to 65 unbeknownst to her. Thus, she continued to see her doctors and even had surgery.

However, her doctor and hospital were not part of the network of her new Medicare Advantage Plan and she learned that neither the plan nor Medicare would cover her medical costs of over $16,000.

She had been sent a letter by her insurance carrier informing her of her automatic enrollment but she ignored it.

Now she faced the burden of paying a $16,622 bill. Luckily for her, the situation was eventually resolved, but not without a lot of stress and effort. This practice of automatic enrollments, as the article explains, is becoming increasingly common place and is permissible as long as a beneficiary is informed. However, like the senior in this article many seniors ignore the mail they receive.

The senior in this article also contended that she assumed that she had selected original Medicare and would be fine. Even with original Medicare she would have been left with a considerable bill.

Is there any way that seniors can help to prevent such a scenario? Again the answer is by working with the agents at BGA. By trusting the experience and expertise of the agents at BGA seniors can be aware of what Medicare and their policies cover and more importantly what will be their financial responsibility.

This knowledge will allow one to make the best possible decision regarding his or her health insurance coverage.

The value of working with an insurance broker is further shown by an article recently published on This article highlights how many seniors are unaware of the monetary penalties they may incur due to not signing up for Medicare in a timely fashion.

The article cites that often the reason for this mistake is that seniors find Medicare stressful and confusing and were not aware of such penalties. Again, such a situation could have been avoided by consulting the expertise and experience of an insurance broker.

The brokers at BGA work to ensure that seniors understand the ramifications of not enrolling in Medicare on time. Yet again, by providing seniors with the correct information and knowledge they are able to make the best possible decisions for themselves.

The senior years of one’s life should be exciting and joyful. However, they are often stressful and confusing. With decisions to make regarding health insurance and retirement planning seniors are often overwhelmed. At BGA we are here to help make the senior years great!

Trust our knowledge and experience to help you make the decisions necessary to protect your health and assets so that you can enjoy the retirement you have worked so hard to achieve. The great American philosopher and psychologist B.F. Skinner once said, “Old age is like going to another country. You will enjoy yourself more if you have prepared yourself before you go.”

Rely on the expertise and experience of BGA and its agents to prepare you for your senior years so you can enjoy them more – to their fullest!