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In recent medicare news, The Trump Administration is making vital changes to the Medicare program. The changes that were made as far as now signal a continuing shift for the role of government in health care. One document, from the Department of Health and Human Services, provides a vision for these reforms and challenging old ideas of health care.

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The document states that most of the problems occur because of government failure, not because of market failure, and goes on describing how to correct the policy errors. The Trump policy towards health care is based on the idea of promoting choice, competition, and market prices.

This includes liberating telemedicine, liberating Accountable Care Organizations, ending payment incentives that drive doctors away, and more. These are just some of the policy changes from the Trump policy towards health care.

Furthermore, the ability to deliver Medicare virtually is growing rapidly as it is said to have many benefits such as lowering medical costs, increase quality, and lower time and travel costs for patient care. One example of this is by a nurse at Mercy Virtual Hospital in St. Louis.

This nurse uses cameras and microphones in the hospital rooms to oversee patients. Medicare does not pay for this. Therefore, the country is missing out on these advances in technology. This is due to the Federal Law, according to the Social Security Act, only allows Medicare to pay for the telemedicine under very strict rules.

Additionally, even Medicare Advantage (MA) plans face similar legal constraints. Although, an MA plan can contract with a separate vendor that has met the regulations of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for Telehealth vendors, the CMS is acting to change this by working to sponsor federal telemedicine demonstration projects. The administration is allowing Next Generation ACOs to have more freedom, such as better communication with patients.

The CMS document also expresses concern for the increase of concentration in medical markets. Studies show that this will lead to less competition and higher consumer prices. As a result, fundamental changes will be brought to the Medicare program under the Trump Administration.