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Medicare & Colonoscopy

doctor checkup list for colonMedicare is a health insurance program designed for people over 65 years old or people under 65 with certain disabilities.

Because this type of insurance is divided into four different parts, each of them covering specific services, you might need additional information and you should check your plan every time you or your loved ones need medical services, in order to be informed about the benefits you might have.

This article aims at offering you the information you need to know regarding colonoscopy and whether Medicare covers the costs of this procedure or not. This type of medical screening tool is used in order to check the risks of colon cancer or colon polyps a patient might be exposed to.

Because colorectal cancer is highly spread in the United States and many cases are diagnosed every year, doctors may advise you to take this kind of test in order to offer you an accurate diagnostic.

Does Medicare Cover a Colonoscopy?

If changes of bowel habits, weight loss, bleedings or abdominal pain combined with your doctor’s advice to have a colonoscopy require a visit to a health center, you can be sure that your health insurance provided by Medicare will help you in need.

Original Medicare takes care of you by paying for this colonoscopy test once every 10 years. What is more, patients who have been diagnosed before with high risks of having colorectal cancer are given the chance to get checked every year for free.

For more serious cases in which an urgent procedure is required, the costs of a colonoscopy are covered by Medicare, on the condition that your doctor is enrolled with this insurance program. Therefore, Medicare pays for your colonoscopy.

What is more, the following processes regarding other risk factors are also taken into account by Medicare. Not only does Medicare pay for a colonoscopy, but it is also responsible with some other colon cancer tests that might help your doctor discover the risks you are exposed to at this time.

This is possible if you are a client of the Original Medicare program Part A, which aims at helping patients cover the hospital care services or Part B, which covers the doctors’ services. A colonoscopy and other screening tests such as Barium enema or Flexible sigmoidoscopy will definitely prove helpful in discovering serious diseases and treating them correctly.

Final Words

In order to be better informed about your Medicare benefits, you should keep in touch with your doctor, the insurance company and the terms and conditions of your health insurance plan.

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