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Medicare & Dentures

Here you are: the years of heavy smoking, drinking coffee and countless “I’ll brush my teeth in the morning” have finally caught up with you. But wait, maybe not all is lost (apart from a few teeth, at least) – you’re under Medicare!

If you’re here, you’re probably wondering if Medicare will cover your dental expenses. The answer to your inquiry is both yes and no and we’ll see why in the following.

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Why Doesn’t Medicare Cover Dentures?

Health insurance is meant to offer a monetary help in case of a medical emergency, i.e. you’ve broken your leg, or you’ve been hit by a car and thus hospitalized. In other words, Medicare will cover only unpredictable injuries or illnesses.

Now, if you’ve overlooked dental hygiene for two decades and you’ve just figured that your teeth are decayed, and you’ve got more cavities than healthy molars, you obviously can’t expect health insurance to cover your recklessness. It does make sense, doesn’t it?

Since we said that the answer to whether Medicare covers dental is both no and yes, we have to see when Medicare will pay for your expenses at the dentist.

When Does Medicare Cover Dental?

Let’s illustrate one circumstance in which Medicare would cover your visit to the man/woman we’ve all had nightmares about. So, let’s say that you’ve been golfing and a slightly clumsy – but insanely powerful opponent – hit you with the club in the jaw and broke it.

The impact was so vicious that you have to extract 2 teeth. In this case, then yes, Medicare might cover your urgent extraction during your hospitalization. Another case: two of your molars are infected and the infection spread in your body and is causing more serious issues.

Medicare would cover this emergency, as well. The thing is, common Medicare – the kind of Medicare plan we all get – will most probably not cover any dental expenditures. Certain Medicare plans (Part A, especially) however, will cover a few of them.

The chances of Medicare covering dental procedures are higher when we’re talking about an emergency. Cleaning, extraction, whitening, and filling are as far from being emergencies as the moon is from the earth.

We hope that this article answered all your questions as to why Medicare wouldn’t cover dentures unless urgent procedures are involved. This should make people grab their toothbrushes like right now.

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