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Medicare and Flu Shots

Getting the flu is never fun. Among a long list of symptoms that just make you feel uncomfortable and affect your performance in many areas, you also have a fever. This is why a flu shot is necessary as it has big chances of preventing you from catching the virus.

But do you have to pay for it? How much is it?

Can it possibly be covered by your Medicare plan, so you won’t have to pay the whole amount? Here is what you need to know about Medicare and flu shot coverage.

doctor giving a flu shot

Does Medicare Cover Flu Shots?

The simple answer is: yes, it does cover flu shots. But it also depends on what type of Medicare you possess. If you have a Part A Medicare plan, then you won’t have your flu shot covered. Despite this, a Part B plan will cover a flu shot as long as your health care provider or doctor accepts Medicare.

No matter what, everyone who’s older than six months should get an annual flu shot because this disease is nothing to joke about. You may think it’s just fever with a few other symptoms but in reality, it’s much more than that. Many deaths occur every year because of this illness, so it’s better to take some safety precautions.

Although this condition can affect just anyone, elders are at more risk if they eventually contact the virus. Elders over the age of 65 are at risk of developing complications such as bronchitis, ear infections, pneumonia and more. A flu shot can reduce hospitalizations among elders, which is why taking advantage of the Medicare coverage should be the right course of action.

Since the flu season goes from November through April, you should consider getting the shot before that period. Furthermore, Medicare can cover a flu shot twice in one year. If you get a flu shot in January, you can get another one for the next flu season in the same year in October.

How Much Is Covered with Medicare?

Flu shots can be around $40 – although, in some cases, they can be cheaper or pricier. Even still, you may not have the funds for it at the moment, so you want to know how much your Medicare can cover.

As long as you meet all the necessary requirements to get the coverage, you can have the full price covered by your plan. It could happen when the service is received from a participating provider, so you will not have to pay any penny out of your pocket.

Also, if you own a Medicare Advantage Plan, you’re in more luck before it can cover your flu shot while not applying coinsurance or copayments. Deductibles are not applied either.

The Bottom Line

Contact your Medicare provider before taking your flu shot if you want it to be covered. You need to know what advantages you have with your plan, so make sure you find this out before the flu season.

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