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Medicare and Gym Memberships

Gym membership has become a part of our fitness regimen today. The risk of several disorders including diabetes, hypertension, and heart attacks is increasing across the world due to our sedentary habits and lack of exercises.

Hence, doctors commonly advise patients to perform physical exercises to improve their health and fitness and reduce the risk of lifestyle disorders.

However, it may not always be possible for patients to work out at home or go for a walk.

Congested cities have reduced the green cover due to which there are hardly any parks or jogging paths where you can go for a walk or jog.

Hence, a gym membership is viewed as a convenient option. Gym membership allows you to perform simple aerobic exercises like walking on a treadmill and cycling as well as strenuous workouts like weights training or resistance training.

However, it is important to find out whether your Medicare plan covers gym membership especially if you plan to seek the membership for a longer duration.

Here are the details about the Medicare coverage for gym membership and the various alternatives available to cover the costs.

gym membership

Is it covered by Medicare?

Original Medicare Part A and Part B do not cover the cost of gym memberships and any fitness program. Hence, the entire cost of your gym membership will have to be borne by you. Most Medicare Supplemental plans also do not include fitness programs and gym memberships.

However, there are a few Medicare Advantage plans, which you can avail to cover the costs of a gym membership.

Medicare Advantage plans usually offer partial coverage for the costs of fitness programs and gym memberships. Your Original Medicare Part A would cover the expenses of hospice care and offer other benefits.

These extra benefits may include gym membership.

When you sign up for the Medicare Advantage plan, you will still be eligible for the benefits covered by Medicare Part A and B. You will also have to continue paying the Medicare Part B premium in addition to the premium of the Medicare Advantage plan you plan to sign up for the gym membership coverage.

Since Medicare Advantage plans are offered through private insurance companies approved by Medicare, their benefits and availability may differ based on the premium and your location. You can compare different Medicare Advantage Plans to check which plan offers coverage for the gym membership costs.

You need to enter the zip code of your area in the form provided at the Medicare website to compare different Medicare Advantage plans in your area.

Recipients having Original Medicare can also supplement their healthcare coverage by signing up for a Medigap policy. Most Medigap policies cover some expenses that are not covered by Medicare such as coinsurance, deductibles, and co-payments.

Some Medigap plans also offer fitness club membership. You can choose the best Medigap and Medicare Advantage Plan based on your specific requirements.

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