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Portable Oxygen Concentrators & Medicare

seniors exercisingHow Does the Healthcare Provider Determine the Need for Oxygen Supplement?

There are two ways this is usually done:

Oximetry — This is the most used method, and it requires measurement of the amount of incident light absorbed by the oxygen-carrying hemoglobin present in your red blood cells.

Arterial blood gas study — This is entirely different; it requires your blood to be drawn out of an artery and taken for analysis. After being sent to an analyzer, the amount of oxygen gas dissolved in the red blood cells is measured regarding arterial oxygen pressure.

What Is Inogen One G3?

Inogen One G3 is an example portable oxygen concentrator, robust and reliable. It is a mobile device used by healthcare providers to provide oxygen therapy for those in dire need of it.

The device is appropriate for individuals whose oxygen concentrations are less than the level of ambient air.

The portable oxygen concentrator (POC) bears a resemblance to a home oxygen concentrator but differs in size and mobility. Inogen One G3 is compact and small-sized, making it easy to carry around without limitation. Also, Inogen One G3 is FAA approved and safe for use during flights.

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Will Medicare Pay for an Inogen One G3 Concentrator?

This is one big question that people placed on oxygen therapy often ask. As stated above, Inogen One G3 is a portable oxygen concentrator and most of you might have heard that Medicare does not cover such devices.

The answer isn’t entirely straightforward; Medicare cannot purchase a POC for individuals placed on oxygen therapy. However, these individuals can benefit from a Medicare oxygen equipment rental offer.

The best thing to do is contact a BGA Insurance Agent to discuss your current plan, as you may be eligible for benefits that you are unaware of at this time.

Oxygen is essential for everyone and for maintaining good health.

In fact, every tissue and cell are always in need of an uninterrupted supply of oxygen for proper functioning.

Oxygen gets to our vital body parts, cells, and tissues with the aid of the lungs.

So, our lungs are responsible for breathing in oxygen from the atmosphere and distributing it via our bloodstream to every cell.

However, there are times when the lungs suffer from an interstitial lung disease that usually results in inflammation.

This scarring in the lungs makes it difficult for oxygen to get into the bloodstream. So, the lungs cause the amount of oxygen present in the blood to drop below standard level.

At this point, tissues and cells may not be able to reach the appropriate amount of oxygen needed for proper and effective functioning.

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