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Seminar On Medicare Open Enrollment In Pennsauken on Oct. 12, 2016

PYAA Field House


With the beginning of fall, it’s not just the leaves that change; for those age 65 and older, the Medicare Open Enrollment period begins on Oct. 15. Many Medicare health and prescription drug plans will make changes that take effect January 1, 2017; and some may even end, requiring the beneficiary to seek out new plans.

Individuals currently with Medicare health or prescription drug plans will receive an Annual Notice of Change (ANOC), if they haven’t already. This notice informs beneficiaries of all of the changes in their plans, or if a plan is ending. From Oct. 15 to Dec. 7, seniors age 65 and older have a chance to shop for new plans and make changes in their Medicare coverage that will take effect at the beginning of next year.

To help with this process, BGA Insurance Group, a Pennsauken-based company that specializes in helping seniors choose Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans, will be holding an educational Medicare seminar on

Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2:00 p.m. at the PYAA Field House, located at 3501 Elm Ave in Pennsauken.

During this seminar agents will explain Medicare Supplemental Insurance and highlight the different types of plans available.

“Most folks don’t want to change; they’d rather stick with what they have,” says Greg Gudis, one of the founding members of BGA Insurance Group. “Unfortunately, plans that individuals currently have could be making some very significant changes. Luckily, the government gives people some time each year to do some research and sign up for something new. This seminar is designed to help them make the right decisions, regardless of who their agent is.”

Individuals planning to attend this seminar are asked to reserve their seat by calling (855) 494-0097 and pressing 0.

Those unable to attend can also call to schedule a time for an individual presentation.

BGA Insurance Group is located in the Corporate Fairway Building, next to the Pennsauken Country Club. For more information, please contact us.

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