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older couple considering a medigap planWelcome to BGA Insurance Group and thank you for requesting information about the various Medicare Supplement Plans available to you. Here at BGA we take great pride in serving residents across New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and Delaware helping them choose their Medigap plan. We also help with all of their Part D questions including plans with no deductibles and $0 co-pays for generics.

We are contracted to work with several “A” rated Insurance Companies and our goal is to make sure you receive the lowest rates available with the top rated companies. If you’re like most folks out there, chances are, you’re very confused and concerned how Medicare affects you and your family.

We are a brokerage agency that specializes in helping seniors getting onto Medicare and supplying you with the correct information you need. Our job is to show our seniors how Medicare works, so this way they can understand what their rights and entitlements are.

BGA has a staff of over 30 licensed agents and has helped thousands of seniors just like yourself understand the inner workings of Medicare A & B, and how the right Medigap plan can supplement your Medicare and cover all the gaps. This means no copays, no deductibles, no networks, and never needing a referral to see your specialist. We will also explain how the Medicare Part D program works, and assist you in choosing the right plan to help you save money on your prescription costs.

We are licensed, insured and treat seniors in our community with professionalism, integrity and patience. We make sure you get the CORRECT INFORMATION you deserve. You have no obligations whatsoever, and our free review costs you nothing! Just imagine being able to sit down and learn how Medicare works in just 30 minutes and never having to read through that pile of mail that is collecting dust on your table.

BGA Insurance Group works with only A-rated insurance carriers, so we represent YOU in finding the best available options for the best price you can afford. We assist you in finding the right plan that is suitable and tailored to your personal situation and budget.

Here at BGA, we practice old-fashion service. If you have an issue, a problem, or just a question… call us direct on our personal line, and we take care of everything! Just imagine never having to call another toll free number just to be put on hold and waiting to speak to a live person who doesn’t even know your situation. Call us direct and we will give you the personal service you deserve. The best part is…you still pay us nothing! Our service is FREE to every senior out there!

Call us today local (610) 828-3552 or toll free (855) 494-0097 or email us at info [at]

Again, if Medicare is an important issue and you want the correct information, feel free to contact us for your free no obligation review.