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Which Plan Should You Choose?

medicare supplement plans f, g, n

The three most popular plans sold are the F, G and N plans.  The F plan is the most comprehensive plan you can buy. 

With an F plan you will never have a copay, never a deductible; you simply show your Medicare Card and Medigap card and you pay nothing.  The G plan differs only slightly from an F plan.  It covers everything exactly the same except the G plan does not cover the Medicare Part B Deductible. 

That means you will pay the first $185 annually for any medical claims.  You will see in a moment when I show you pricing that sometimes it does make more sense to buy a G plan over an F.  Both the F and G plans also cover Part B Excess charges. 

Plan N is a little different than F and G because there is a Maximum copayment of $20 for Part B services.  The plan also does not cover the Part B deductible nor does it cover Part B Excess Charges.  All plans have no network or referrals.