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Medicare Supplements in NJ for 2020


When is Open Enrollment 2020 for Seniors in NJ?

elderly couple meeting with an agentThe open enrollment period for coverage, also known as the Annual Election Period (AEP), is from October 15th, 2020 to December 7th, 2020.

For the foreseeable future, this will always be the schedule. It’s a good idea to begin planning your enrollment during the summer, when you may even be able to secure a lower rate.

Working with an agent allows you to use their knowledge to help you select a plan. There is no cost to request this consultation so it’s smart to work with someone that knows your plan history, health needs, and ongoing premium payments.

For the most part, if you know that you will be participating in a Medicare plan in 2020, you should make your elections during the AEP. This is the best time to choose a new Medicare supplement plan from the right insurance company if you are a Medicare beneficiary age 65 or older.

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What Can I Do During the AEP in New Jersey? We Offer:

Medicare Advantage

Prescription Drug

You’ll have the best chance to switch plans during this time. Seniors age 65 and over in New Jersey can work with an agent to determine cost and benefits of a new plan. This includes:

  • Changing from original Medicare to Medicare Advantage, or from Advantage to original. Sometimes you will get automatically enrolled in coverage, which is something to avoid!
  • New enrollments for prescription drug plans through Medicare Part D
  • Changes in plans for Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D

You must be enrolled in Medicare Part A and B to be enrolled in Medicare Advantage, and a plan must be available in your part of New Jersey.

What if I Want to Keep the Same Plan?

If you are happy with your existing plan, you may not want to make any changes. For example, you might have Humana insurance and there is no new plan for the current year. If that’s the case, you will be auto-enrolled in your current plan for next year (assuming that the plan is still available in your area).

However, it may be worth your time to spend a few minutes reviewing and discussing your plan, even if you don’t think you want to make a change. The reason for this is that providers are allowed to make changes to their plans every year, including changing premiums.

If your plan is being discontinued in your area, you can expect to receive a notice of non-renewal from your provider prior to October 15th. This could drastically change your out of pocket cost so use the time during the AEP to select something that makes sense for you.\

Plans we offer:

  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Humana
  • AARP
  • Independence Blue Cross
  • Mutual of Omaha

medicare card

Are there Changes in 2020 That Will Affect Me?

Please bookmark this page to be made aware of any new changes to Medicare in the New Jersey area.

There are several changes coming to Medicare in 2020, particularly with the issuance of new Medicare cards. Beware of scams during this time, as people will try to impersonate someone from that is looking to steal your information!

Every year you should review your drug plan to make sure it’s still optimal for your needs.

There may also be relevant factors from a Medicare saving program, so it’s a good idea to look into this every so often.

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