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Medicare Physical – Is It Necessary?

There are many people who appreciate the fact that they can get Medicare coverage when they retire or if they are collecting Social Security benefits due to a disability.

It can certainly go a long way to helping those people get by from one month to the next and to deal with any health complications they may experience along the way.

That being said, there are also some questions about Medicare coverage that tend to come up and one of those is in regards to the Medicare annual wellness visit. Is this visit mandatory?

Always consult with your Medicare agent in order to determine the best course of action, as everyone’s situation is different once you turn age 65. This includes a “welcome to Medicare visit,” an initial physical exam that could be in your best interest, and we may be able to assist you in creating a checklist.

Many people look at the Medicare annual wellness visit as being more of an invasion of privacy and a waste of time rather than being something that benefits them in any way medically.

Many of us have foregone the wellness visits with our regular insurance program when we were part of it during the time that we worked. Wellness visits are not necessarily there to help you with any specific problem but rather, it is to determine your overall health.

That is why these are often considered to be an invasion of privacy. Some people just don’t want Medicare to know if they are experiencing any health problems or to gather data that may or may not be related to their specific case.

The bottom line on whether Medicare wellness visits are required or not is that they are not necessary. They are there as something that you can do on an annual basis but you do not need to take part in them in order to maintain your Medicare coverage. They may tell you that it is mandatory, but it is not necessary, according to the rules.

Of course, if you have any specific questions about your Medicare coverage, it is always a good idea to speak to a representative directly.

In some cases, you may be wondering if it is actually a good idea to take a wellness visit or not. This really depends on you and your personal circumstances.

Some people appreciate the opportunity to go in and make sure that there is nothing hiding underneath the surface. After all, any type of early detection of disease or sickness is always going to be good when it comes to treatment options.

As in all things, it is important to be balanced but if you are worried that you are missing out because of any type of mandatory restrictions, you really don’t need to worry.

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