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Retiring can be the most relaxing time of your life, but navigating through the initial phases can be tough.  Medicare insurance poses numerous questions for retirees each year.  We at BGA Insurance know the in’s and out’s of Medicare, along with Medicare Supplements, Advantage Plans, and Part D Prescription Plans. 

We are contracted with many of the top companies in the industry and are able to help you keep up with the ever changing insurance markets.  Our goal is to provide each client with up to the date information and assistance in finding the correct plan for their needs.

Our presentation is informative, yet broken down in 15 minutes for each customer to understand as easy as possible.  The greatest advantage of using a broker such as myself is that you gain access to multiple carriers and plans, and you never pay a dime for our services.  They are always free!

We are BGA Insurance represent companies in not only PA, but NJ, DE, and FL.  BGA Insurance Group offers advice in all areas of retirement planning, such as final expense, long term and short term care, as well as fixed investments.  Our services are a one stop shop for all retirees!

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