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As an insurance broker I help my clients with many different types of insurance offered by multiple insurance carriers. The main areas I help with are Medicare Supplement and Advantage plans, Life Insurance, and 401k & IRA rollovers. I also help with Dental, Vision, Hearing, Critical Illness, Indemnity, and long-term care insurance.  If you would like information or need help in any of these areas, please call me or schedule a time for me to call you below. I look forward to assisting you.

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More about James

James has been working with BGA Insurance Group for over 5 years. Before then he worked in title insurance. In June 2018, James got married to his wife Cara. They reside in Trevose, PA with their daughter Anya. James has lived in lower Bucks county his entire life and spends most of his time in the area. Most of his free time is spent outside exercising or inside playing games with friends. James loves helping other people, so give him a call today!