Turning 65? Don’t Miss Out on This Offer!

If you are turning 65 and would like to claim a free 30 minute call with your local Medicare agent, now is the time to act!

Many seniors pay way too much for coverage they could have gotten cheaper if they just talked to an agent before they enrolled.

Best of all, this service is 100% free and no obligation!

Greg Gudis

Greg Gudis

Charted Advisor for Senior Living®

Hello! My name is Greg Gudis and I am a licensed Medicare insurance agent in your state.

It’s my job to help seniors navigate the complicated enrollment process in order to help them select the right plan for their needs.

Please select a time on my calendar, and I will be happy to speak to you on the phone.

You’ll be surprised at what you will learn – and best of all, there is no cost and no obligation.